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The following blogs and websites are a good source to get inspiration for your next project.

Start something new …
Link Description
Awesome Selfhosted Massive list of self-hosted Applications.
Marius Hosting This blog actually got me started in self-hosting my first docker services on a Synology NAS.
The Homelab Wiki Awesome blog about self-hosting.
Libhunt Keep track of what’s trending on popular homelab and self hosted related subs, blogs and more.
Noted Awesome blog about self-hosting.
Sysadmin Daze Awesome blog about self-hosting.
Guru Computing Awesome blog about self-hosting.

Here is a list of usefull tools and resources I found along my way.

Check this out …
Link Description
Docker Composerizer Translates docker run commands into a docker-compose.yml
App Icons Icons for Self-hosted services.
Profile Pic Maker Generating nice profile pictures.
Pixabay Royalty free photos.
Pexels Royalty free photos.
The Noun Project Icons and photos.
Lord Icon Animated icons.
Favicon Converter Convert your logo into favicons.
Screely Create browser mock-ups with your screenshots.